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Morinaga: 100 tins of 400g Chil-mil Growing Formula Milk Giveaway!!

Morinaga is giving away
100 tins of 400g chil-mil Growing Formula Milk

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About Morinaga Chil-mil

Morinaga Chil-mil, a growing-up formula for babies 1 year and above is formulated with improved protein content which meets the protein requirement during weaning period for optimal growth and development of young children. The new Morinaga Chil-mil also contains 2.1mg of Nucleotides per 100ml of standard solution; essential for vigorous growth during weaning period when the metabolism rate in a child’s body is accelerated. Nucleotides also promote gut growth and maturity, enhancement of immune function and modification of intestinal microflora.

The Growing-up Formula is produced using unique granulation technology, the formula is readily dissolve and can be prepared quickly without loss of flavour or nutrients.

April 1, 2013 at 7:32 pm